Friday, 21 September 2012

MAC- Mineralize Concealer Review

Right I've been looking for a concealer for a while that will help me brighten up my under eye also conceal dark spots. In Canada I decided to purchase the MAC- Mineralize Concealer which was recommended for dry skin.

5ml £16
I have had this product for more than two weeks and tested this our on numerous times on good skins days also bad skin days! I've got to say I love this product! The qualities I like about it is:
  • Easy to Blend, seriously! It just glides onto your skin.
  • Long wear- Had this on for about eleven hours and it was still there.
  • Great brightener for under eye
  • light weight-Feels like your applying Face cream
  • I really like the application wand, which is a brush at the end of it.
  • It's packaged quite well.  

The only thing that I would change/improve about this product is probably make it a bit more heavier, so it cover dark spots better. Also I have realized you still need to moisturize really well before applying because it attaches to dry skin just like any other concealer.
Overall love it and would recommend it!

Love Siddiqa

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