Monday, 1 October 2012

EMMYS 2012-Fashion Police!

EMMYS Award! I've been loving all the turquoise and blue! 
This years EMMYS Award hands down the best dressed Award. I don't think there was a single worst dress!

Suraiya: Guliana the new mummy looks yummy in this long black gown! I love her nail color its soo Fall!
Siddiqa: Love the Jimmy Choo shoes! 

Suraiya: Sarah is such a cutie!! I love her dress, its so simple and pretty! But what I love the most her little bag! Its all blinged up!
Siddiqa: This is one of my favorite outfit and shes soo beautiful! The color suits her well.
Suraiya: Sofia Vegera the sexy Latino looks sizzerling in this turquoise dress! I'm loving her diamond bracelets & ring!
Siddiqa: AH! Love this dress, Sofia look sexy as ever! I heard it tore through out the day because she was showing her moves on the dance floor!
Siddiqa: Great make up and hair, loving the high low hem at the bottom.
Siddiqa: I've been watching New Girl and over her character. I don't really like this dress at all probably because to sags down to low and doesn't frame her body shape well, however I like the simple make up!

Suraiya: At first glance I didn't know who this was, but then I looked closer and was OMG its the girl from Subergatory I love this show!!! But, I really don't like this dress on her because it makes her look old! Its to plain and doesn't flatter her at all!
Suraiya: Ryan Seacreast Girl look stunning! I love the trail of the dress! Her skin complexion looks flawless and glowy!
Siddiqa: The minute i saw this dress i fell in love! I had to include it in the post, it just looks amazing and soo shimmery. The color goes great with her skin color
Siddiqa: pretty fitted dress, shows her figure very well, great how the turquoise pattern in placed on the dress.

These are just a few of our favorite and no so great dresses from the Emmy's. Hope you enjoyed reading the post!
Love Siddiqa & Suraiya
p.s sorry for the ate post!

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