Saturday, 28 January 2012

Which Bag Are You??

Try This lil quiz out that I created and see what bag suits you?

1)What is your favorite color?
a) Pink
b)  Blue
c) purple
2)What do you do on a Sunday ?
a) Go and Party!
b) Go out with family
c) Snuggle up and watch films
d) Shopping!
3) What is your style?
a) Girly
b) Smart casual
c) Bohemian
4) who's your Favorite celebrity?
a) Cheryl Cole
b) Halle Berry
c) Kourtney Kardashian 
d) JLO

Mostly A's
So your a girl that like to party and everything girly! Bags that suit you most is 7, 16, 5 and 8!
Mostly B's
Ah! so pretty laid back and love spending time with family! Bags that probably suit you is 1, 9, 13 and 4!
Mostly C's
Bohemian huh?:D Bags that probably suit you are 11, 15, and 5
Mostly D's
G. L. A. M.O.R.O.U.S! You also live to shop huh? Bags that probably suit you are 14, 2 , 12,9 and 7!
Extreme mix?!?
Got very mix answers ey? well bags that probably suit you are 1, 8, 5, 3 and 6!

Hope You liked it! :D leave a comment on what you got :)

Love from

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Victoria Secret fashion show 2012!

Hi Cuties!!! 

I know the fashion show aired in USA a long time ago, but in the UK it aired last Sunday. I love the Victoria Secret fashion shows because its so much fun, sexy, glamours & exciting than any other fashion shows. I personal think that the Victoria Secrets Angels are sooo beautiful & I will die to have their body!!

Anyhooo... Lets talk about the fashion show.Well, every year they have a fashion show and they have different themes every year! This year the themes were...

This the gorgeous Candice Swanepoel strutting the beautiful ballet themed lingerie. 

Super Angels
The beautiful Adriana Lima in a superwoman themed lingerie. Who run the world GIRLS!

I put a spell on you

Adriana Lima in a passion themed lingerie. Check the massive wings out!


This was one of my Favorite lingerie outfit modeled by Alessandro Ambrosio.
Apparently, the wing took seven years to create. 

Angels Aquatic

The stunning Miranda Kerr in the 2.5 million dollar fantasy bra.

Club Pink 
Chanel Iman in a neon lights & tutu themed lingerie. 

All the Victoria Secrets Angels looked stunning. I absolutely love the way they do their 'bombshell' makeup look and their 'Victoria Secret' hair. There was music acts Maroon 5, Kanye West, Jay Z & Nicki  Minaj.

From this post you may have guessed that I love lingerie, I know its a weird thing to love but I think they are a key essential to feel sexy. Like they say if you feel good on the inside you feel good on the outside! ;)
Hopefully one day I will have my own Lingerie business! :)


Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes awards 2012 fashion police!

Hi Cuties!

Well, on the 15th was the Great Golden Globe Awards 2012! Where all the stars come out looking their best, well some.... The show was hosted by the one and only Ricky Gervais! Anyhoo, lets state the best and worst dressed of this spectacular evening.....

 Angelina Jolie looks beautiful in satin with hint of red Atelier Versace. She has an amazing body figure and this dress diffidently show this, especially her long leg! For me she is the best dressed!

Lea Michele went for a daring look with a sheer silver Marches dress. Overall, it an okey dress, its something different than her usually. But, her makeup looks flawless. 
Jessica Alba looks like a princess in this simple and sparkling dress. I love her tanned skin colour & she's sooo beautiful!
Kelly Osbourne in a blue dress was not flattering at all on the red carpet. For me she is the worst dressed. 
Salma Hayek looking oo la la in a gorgeous Gucci dress!

Well, there are more celeb that I can talk about but will be here all day. So, I pick the ones that stood out to me. You may think there are other celeb that stood out to you if so leave a comment! The down part of the Golden Globe was that my girl crush Jennifer Lopez did not turn up for the event!!! Really wanted to see what she would wear! 
Hope you enjoyed my mini episode of fashion police!  

Saturday, 14 January 2012

People's Choice awards 2012 Fashion Police!

Hi Cuties!
On the 12th January it was the People Choice Awards 2012. This is where audience votes for the people who they want to win. There was a lot of fashion Hits and Misses!
Here is Miley Cyrus looking beautiful in a white daring dress by Davis Koma, along side her is her gorgeous boyfriend!

Vanessa Hudgens in a black & gold Jenny Packham dress. Personally, I don't like the dress. It doesn't flatter her body shape. But I do love how she did her makeup!
Oh Yeah I love her Shoes! However, for me she get the worst dressed people choice awards 2012!
Lea Michele rocked a winter white dress by Marchesa! I would never be able to pull this dress, its too stringy  for me! Lol! But, her face, hair & Body look amazing!
Kelly Osbourne goes bright orange! She looks pretty! But I'm not loving the grey hair! 
Demi Lavato looked stunning! For me she is the winner for the best dressed people choice awards 2012! The colour of the dress, the hair, the makeup and the shape of the dress, everything was breathtaking! 

Anyhoo.... there is a lot more celebrities that attended the award show but will be here forever......
So I hope you enjoyed my mini Fashion police episode lol! Who watches Fashion Police on E!? Lol! Love that show! 
I would love to hear you best and worst dressed, so please leave a comment! 

p.s A giveaway coming soon!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Shoes, shoes and shoes!

Siddiqa: As you probably know, by our last post ... we ♥ shoes! I mean what girls doesn't?!? Anyway these amazing to die for shoes are officially by the one and only Jimmy choo. We would love to strut our stuff in these shoes, but hey... we can only dream of it now! 
1. These are sky-high,classic black crystal-embellished platform shoes cost only £1,019 
(RRP £1,695)! 2. 6 inch, metallic leather  black with gold outlined shoes, would be great to wear for a party. They cost only £1,150. 3. Bunting Strappy jersey and Metallic sandals with a matte finish, comes in three colors. These only cost £895.4. Sometimes you just have to get away from the heels and want to wear something more comfy like these classic beige bow, flat shoes that only cost £425!!5. 51/2 inch shoes patent leather on the upper , leather lining with buffed leather sole, which was made in Italy. Only £750.6. A very soft nude pumps, sleek crescent toe, which cost only   £695.7. This statement piece boot heels is 5.6 inch high, would love to have these! These cost only  £488 (RRP £975).

Suriaya: These Unze London shoes I got for £30, look very similar to the Jimmy Choo ones, which cost only  £1,860!  When I wear the Unze shoes, they feel so comfortable and I always get complements!
Which one would you buy?

Love Siddiqa & Siddiqa

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Boxing day and january sales!

Hope You had a great new years!
we decided to do some shopping, so here is what we brought...
Three new shoes from next - each about £15!

River island-£15
Miss Selfridge-£5
New Look £1 earnings!!

We had to go saree shopping :D

All together eight saree's were about £210

New Look £8!

New Look-Brown Leather Jacket £14

One day in between shopping we treated ourselves with Lovely deserts from cookies and cream!

We had a Great Times shopping!
Siddiqa & Suraiya
P.S did you make a new year resolution?... if you did we'd love to know what it is... comment below! :D