Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Jingle Bell Ball 2012-Capital FM Radio

Hey There! so for the last few weeks I've been jam packed with school work to do, so I couldn't do a blog post, which I really wanted to do!The Jingle Bell Ball hosted by Capital FM Radio (love that radio station!). I think (Don't take my word for it:L) was a couple of days ago, so here are some picture that I have gathered up.Enjoy!

 Love The Top half and the Red nails!

Great casual Black heels!

Love how they always coordinate in any shape of form!
Glitzy Glam

 Cute black dress

Not as many pictures as a I normally find, but hey at least I got some! Actually wish i got tickets for this because The Script, Bruno Mars, Example and more people were there! If you want to know more about the Jingle Bell Ball just click HERE
Love Siddiqa Uddin 
P.s what is your favorite radio station?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

I Love My Online Friends

Welcome to another week of the I Love My Online Friends 'GFC' Blog Hop. 
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Well, are you ready? Let's go hopping! 

(I'm not a big fan of rules on Blog Hops, but you know we've gotta have them to ensure we all benefit...I've made them as simple and as easy to follow as I could)
1. Please follow your host and the fab five on Google Friend Connect (GFC). 
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Thanks and Happy Hopping!
The Things We Find Inside

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Shoes!

We wanted to do something regular every week, but we didn't know what to do. We both love shoes (mainly heels) so why not pick a shoe every week that we come across and adore?! 
These Louboutins shoes look amazing! these heels have a Bollywood feel to it because of the detailed sequence also the white satin contrast the black so well! Would love to have these!
what do you think?

p.s They look so classy and elegant!

Love Siddiqa & Suraiya

Monday, 12 November 2012

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes-Review

I've been wanting to get these Real techniques brushes for ages! finally after a birthday voucher card I decided to spend it on this. As you would probably know these brushes are created by Samantha Chapman,who is very well known as a beauty YouTuber, pro makeup artist and a beauty blogger. 
What made me purchase these are the excellent reviews on the internet also an make up artist recommended it specially for the foundation that I use which is make up forever HD. 
Retail At £21.99

The case that comes with it to protect the brushes, is the best case I've seen for brushes because its really stable and sturdy, can make it stand by tightening the toggle, has more space for extra brushes also really convenient for travelling.
I mainly got this kit for the buffing brush because I needed a new foundation brush. I thought this brushe works amazing for any types of foundation because the foundation really goes into the skin and creates a flawless look! People have actually commented my skin saying how spot free and flawless it looks after using this brush. This is now officially my favorite brush! :)
 Left to Right:
Pointed Foundation brush says it good for liquid foundation and good for applying full coverage, however I thought it was too small for a foundation brush, but perfect for a under eye concealer brush.
Contour brush: Great to apply highlighter and contour, which I fully agree! this is my second favorite brush because of the shape and multi-purpose use.
Detailed brush to conceal problem areas or for lips. Haven't tried it out for lips but great on little problem areas.

 Summary: Extremely happy about this kit ;would recommend it to everyone and really does change how your make up looks in a great way! There is no major nos about this kit and is very well made.
Purchase these at: Boots 
Boots got an offer at the moment- Buy 1 and get second half price across selected make up , nails etc.
what are your favorite brushes? let me know in the comment section!
Love Siddiqa

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Pride Of Britain Award-Fashion Police

Hey beauts!
Been waiting to do another fashion Police post! 
So here it goes...

Siddiqa: It's a really pretty dress, the top part give a little edge to it. I also thought compared to the other people that attended Tulisa played it pretty safe.

Siddiqa: As always love her make up and hair! who watches Towie? I love how she does her eye make up; it always looks so perfect. I think she tried something that was out of her comfort zone and I thought it was an okay dress, very similar to Nicole dress.

Siddiqa: This dress looks great on her, the way is clings onto her curves makes it look even more better.

Siddiqa: As always, very glam with Amanda, shows her figure very well.

Siddiqa: Not her best dress, look good in some angles. Black lace looks great on Nicole!

Siddiqa: Really pretty dress, love how it meets in the middle. 

What do you think? Tell me your opinion on the dresses!
love Siddqa

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Mac Viva Glam-Rouge a Levres

Feel like I need to blog and I haven't in ages! I've missed it, been so busy ;they give me to much homework!
Brought this lip stick ages ago, it's really moisturizing and great for everyday.

Love Siddiqa

Monday, 1 October 2012

EMMYS 2012-Fashion Police!

EMMYS Award! I've been loving all the turquoise and blue! 
This years EMMYS Award hands down the best dressed Award. I don't think there was a single worst dress!

Suraiya: Guliana the new mummy looks yummy in this long black gown! I love her nail color its soo Fall!
Siddiqa: Love the Jimmy Choo shoes! 

Suraiya: Sarah is such a cutie!! I love her dress, its so simple and pretty! But what I love the most her little bag! Its all blinged up!
Siddiqa: This is one of my favorite outfit and shes soo beautiful! The color suits her well.
Suraiya: Sofia Vegera the sexy Latino looks sizzerling in this turquoise dress! I'm loving her diamond bracelets & ring!
Siddiqa: AH! Love this dress, Sofia look sexy as ever! I heard it tore through out the day because she was showing her moves on the dance floor!
Siddiqa: Great make up and hair, loving the high low hem at the bottom.
Siddiqa: I've been watching New Girl and over her character. I don't really like this dress at all probably because to sags down to low and doesn't frame her body shape well, however I like the simple make up!

Suraiya: At first glance I didn't know who this was, but then I looked closer and was OMG its the girl from Subergatory I love this show!!! But, I really don't like this dress on her because it makes her look old! Its to plain and doesn't flatter her at all!
Suraiya: Ryan Seacreast Girl look stunning! I love the trail of the dress! Her skin complexion looks flawless and glowy!
Siddiqa: The minute i saw this dress i fell in love! I had to include it in the post, it just looks amazing and soo shimmery. The color goes great with her skin color
Siddiqa: pretty fitted dress, shows her figure very well, great how the turquoise pattern in placed on the dress.

These are just a few of our favorite and no so great dresses from the Emmy's. Hope you enjoyed reading the post!
Love Siddiqa & Suraiya
p.s sorry for the ate post!

Friday, 21 September 2012

MAC- Mineralize Concealer Review

Right I've been looking for a concealer for a while that will help me brighten up my under eye also conceal dark spots. In Canada I decided to purchase the MAC- Mineralize Concealer which was recommended for dry skin.

5ml £16
I have had this product for more than two weeks and tested this our on numerous times on good skins days also bad skin days! I've got to say I love this product! The qualities I like about it is:
  • Easy to Blend, seriously! It just glides onto your skin.
  • Long wear- Had this on for about eleven hours and it was still there.
  • Great brightener for under eye
  • light weight-Feels like your applying Face cream
  • I really like the application wand, which is a brush at the end of it.
  • It's packaged quite well.  

The only thing that I would change/improve about this product is probably make it a bit more heavier, so it cover dark spots better. Also I have realized you still need to moisturize really well before applying because it attaches to dry skin just like any other concealer.
Overall love it and would recommend it!

Love Siddiqa

Friday, 14 September 2012

MTV-VMA Awards 2012

We couldn't wait for this Awards evening because there's always drama! As you guys already know it's hosted by MTV (duh..) and its the Video Music Award. Here are some of the outfit we loved and not so loved!

Siddiqa: I actually don't now what I think about this look! I can officially see that shes trying to go for the edgy look since the Hanna Montana (use to love that show!) fase was over, Also went for the Scouse brows.
Suraiya: I'm still getting use to Mileys new look! But, she is pulling it off really well. Shes been very happy since she got engaged! Overall, she looks good!  

 Siddiqa: Oh Nikki! I love how shes brave with the outfits she wears in Award shows. 
Suraiya: I don't really like Nikki sense off style! But I do give it to her she can pull off the most ugliest clothes! 

 Siddiqa: I love this dress! I like how she got Fall 2004 dress and wore it in 2012. Her make up looks flawless as ever!
Suraiya: Karty Perry is my best dressed! She looks gorgeous & I love this dress!

Siddiqa: I've got to say she looks so classy and elegant! love the matter red lipsand she looks great in white.
Suraiya: Agree with everything that Siddiqa said! 

Siddiqa: Taylor Swift looks great in this pure white suit, her look kind of reminds me of a Russian spy! She can really pull off the cat eye and red lips.

Suraiya: Taylor looks classy! I love the suit! But, I'm not liking the shoes! 
Siddiqa: I don't really like Emma Watson outfit , she has dressed better in other awards and events. It was quite a disappointment. 

Suraiya: Mila looks hot!! I love her dress, this is the way to dress to an award. This is best my best dressed
Siddiqa: I love how Mila kept her make up simple and matte and let the dress do all the talking!
Siddiqa:  I don't think this dress is right to wear it at an event show, but her make up looks great. not so sure about the hair thought, it looks a bit too out of place.

That's it from us and sorry for the lateness, been so busy!
Love Siddiqa & Suraiya

Monday, 10 September 2012

GQ Men Of The Year Award 2012

We just came back from Canada and had an awesome time also did a a lot of shopping! :) GQ Award just passed a couple a days awards and we just had to do a Blog post on it!

SURAIYA: Katherine Jenkin wore a black daring Stella McCartney dress. She looks stunning and is my best dressed! The up-do hair is perfect for this dress, it shows off how the main feature of the dress.

Siddiqa: OMG! love this simple, but well cut dress on Katherine! Also love how the dress is two types of fabrics.  ( I love velvet!)

SURAIYA: Tinie Tempa is defo the king of swag! Whose also an inspiration to young men to dress smart, nicely & properly! Instead of having there pants half way down there backside!!
SURAIYA: Kelly brook wore this cute shimmering dress, pairing with a pink clutch & gold heels with hearts! Its different for Kelly she normally wears dress that shows off her cleavage!

Suraiya: First of all I didn't even realise it was Jessie J! I had to research a find out. I'm not really loving the look at all because the dress doesn't flatter her body type also not liking the hair and make up.

Suraiya: God know who she is, hands down this is the worst dress!  Just look at the picture you can judge it by yourself!Siddiqa: What can I say! This dress is clearly not appropriate for her age. She should have gone for something classy or elegant. Not this!

SURAIYA: Sorry but got to say this... Louis Smith is soooo hot!!! His just soo cute! LOL! OK, I'm done lets get back to fashion! Well, He looks smart, but what I have realise lately is that his being more daring. His trying out different looks, that are edgy, fun and out there. This outfit shows his trying but to be honest not really like the red pants.

Love Siddiqa & Suraiya