Friday, 14 September 2012

MTV-VMA Awards 2012

We couldn't wait for this Awards evening because there's always drama! As you guys already know it's hosted by MTV (duh..) and its the Video Music Award. Here are some of the outfit we loved and not so loved!

Siddiqa: I actually don't now what I think about this look! I can officially see that shes trying to go for the edgy look since the Hanna Montana (use to love that show!) fase was over, Also went for the Scouse brows.
Suraiya: I'm still getting use to Mileys new look! But, she is pulling it off really well. Shes been very happy since she got engaged! Overall, she looks good!  

 Siddiqa: Oh Nikki! I love how shes brave with the outfits she wears in Award shows. 
Suraiya: I don't really like Nikki sense off style! But I do give it to her she can pull off the most ugliest clothes! 

 Siddiqa: I love this dress! I like how she got Fall 2004 dress and wore it in 2012. Her make up looks flawless as ever!
Suraiya: Karty Perry is my best dressed! She looks gorgeous & I love this dress!

Siddiqa: I've got to say she looks so classy and elegant! love the matter red lipsand she looks great in white.
Suraiya: Agree with everything that Siddiqa said! 

Siddiqa: Taylor Swift looks great in this pure white suit, her look kind of reminds me of a Russian spy! She can really pull off the cat eye and red lips.

Suraiya: Taylor looks classy! I love the suit! But, I'm not liking the shoes! 
Siddiqa: I don't really like Emma Watson outfit , she has dressed better in other awards and events. It was quite a disappointment. 

Suraiya: Mila looks hot!! I love her dress, this is the way to dress to an award. This is best my best dressed
Siddiqa: I love how Mila kept her make up simple and matte and let the dress do all the talking!
Siddiqa:  I don't think this dress is right to wear it at an event show, but her make up looks great. not so sure about the hair thought, it looks a bit too out of place.

That's it from us and sorry for the lateness, been so busy!
Love Siddiqa & Suraiya

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