Monday, 10 September 2012

GQ Men Of The Year Award 2012

We just came back from Canada and had an awesome time also did a a lot of shopping! :) GQ Award just passed a couple a days awards and we just had to do a Blog post on it!

SURAIYA: Katherine Jenkin wore a black daring Stella McCartney dress. She looks stunning and is my best dressed! The up-do hair is perfect for this dress, it shows off how the main feature of the dress.

Siddiqa: OMG! love this simple, but well cut dress on Katherine! Also love how the dress is two types of fabrics.  ( I love velvet!)

SURAIYA: Tinie Tempa is defo the king of swag! Whose also an inspiration to young men to dress smart, nicely & properly! Instead of having there pants half way down there backside!!
SURAIYA: Kelly brook wore this cute shimmering dress, pairing with a pink clutch & gold heels with hearts! Its different for Kelly she normally wears dress that shows off her cleavage!

Suraiya: First of all I didn't even realise it was Jessie J! I had to research a find out. I'm not really loving the look at all because the dress doesn't flatter her body type also not liking the hair and make up.

Suraiya: God know who she is, hands down this is the worst dress!  Just look at the picture you can judge it by yourself!Siddiqa: What can I say! This dress is clearly not appropriate for her age. She should have gone for something classy or elegant. Not this!

SURAIYA: Sorry but got to say this... Louis Smith is soooo hot!!! His just soo cute! LOL! OK, I'm done lets get back to fashion! Well, He looks smart, but what I have realise lately is that his being more daring. His trying out different looks, that are edgy, fun and out there. This outfit shows his trying but to be honest not really like the red pants.

Love Siddiqa & Suraiya

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