Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Glamour Award 2012 Fashion police!

Hi Cutie Pies! 

This week FASHION POLICE is on the Glamours Glamour Award 2012, that happened on Tuesday! 
This award is all about the Glamours Ladies!  
First up the Fantastic Four actress... 
Jessica Alba 
 Jessica Alba wore a stunning black gown by Alexandra McQueen . Her hair is pulled back to show off them gorgeous cheek bones. She is soo cute! Jessica also won the Entrepreneur Award (the best award, hopefully I will win that award one day)! Congrats Jessica! 

Lea michele 
The Glee queen wore a Vivienne Westwood gown. From her facial expression shes felling Happy & sexy! I would also feel the same if I wore this dress! On top of that she won the TV actress award! Congrats Lea!  

Eva Longoria 
Eva Longoria wore her BF Victoria Beckham dress.  Whatever, Eva wears she looks gorgeous! Jealous! Plus Eva won the inspirational award! 

Kelly Rowland 
 The American superstar wore a flattering halter neck with white flowery pattern! Kelly looks hands down STUNNING! 

Kylie Minogue 
The Aussie star wore a shimmering gold floor length Stella McCartney gown! Kylie won the outstanding contribution award! Congrats Kylie! 

There was a lot more fashion going on but I'm going to leave that to you to find out! ;-)
I soo wish I was there personally! 
Anyhoo, Comment below on who was your favorite and least favorite! 


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cannes Film Festival 2012 Fashion police!

Cannes Film Festival 2012 Fashion police! 

Hi Dolls! 
I am back after a long time to do fashion Police!!! 
This year at the Cannes Film Festival there have been many fashion hits! 
First of the best dressed out of the whole Cannes Film Festival is....

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria wore this stunning Marchesa gown. That had intricate embroidered details trails off a nice feather trailer. Plus a lovely Marcchesa bejeweld clutch to complete the look. 

Second Best is.... 

Cheryl Cole 

Cheryl cole arrives at the Cannes Film Festival in gorgeous white & red Stephane Rolland dress. What I loved about her look is her makeup! Nice simple smokey eyes with nudish pinkish lips! Will defo try this makeup looks! Also, love her hair, glad shes back to being brunette! 

Next is Freida pinto
Freida Pinto in a Micheal Angel gown with sequin bodice and peplum waist. Her body looks amazing! 

My worst dress is....

Salma Hayek 
Salma Hayek wore a Gothic glamour in a deep burgundy gown with embellished neckline by Gucci! Shes a very gorgeous woman but I feel as this dress to dull as this seasons is all about bright colours. This dress would have been perfect for an evening red carpet! 

That is all dolls! Leave a comment on who was your worst & best dressed!