Thursday, 17 November 2011

so...? Conquers All Perfume :]


I  Love there perfumes! :L I got a gift set, which included three perfumes, each wieghing 15ml. I the bottles are soo cute, they look like lip balme until you open it!

so...Fab is my fav! it has a hint of vanilla, with lilly and musk! also it's a light, but powerful smell! :D (£10.00) love has a romantic smell to it, it's a fruity floral fragrance! (£10.00)

So...darling has a really powerful zig to it, it makes you feel centre stage! (£10.00)
petit set £6.00!
 Overall I thought it's a great fragrance range and design! :D check out for more of there perfumes!
 Love Siddiqa

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